Practising grammar with Young Learners can sometimes be very tough. It is not the most interesting element of language acquisition, especially for children, as they get bored quickly. For teachers, the most important thing is to understand how young students absorb new material in a foreign language.

Here are some facts to bear in mind:

  • YLs do not really possess grammar awareness.
  • Children may have problems with tense consciousness.
  • Movement will help students to understand grammar better.
  • Torturing YLs with sophisticated grammar rules will lower their motivation levels.

According to the research in these studies, it is vital that learning conditions for children are optimally adjusted to their need for things like movement and fun. What is more, adding some simple teaching aids can also increase their motivation.

The team of Edu Bears has prepared a handout which describes several games that you can use to practise grammar with your YLs. They are suitable for children aged 8-11 at different levels of proficiency. They cover basic structures but may also be used to practise more advanced grammar concepts.


Download the handout!


PS. Some of the games you may also use with your older students (teenagers, adults). Have you got any ideas? Let us know below!


The author of this article is Blazej Ceglarski – who has been involved in the education for many years, both from teaching and business perspective. He has been working at Edu Bears since 2019, currently as a Junior Marketing Specialist. After hours, he devotes himself to his passion – teaching English to children, teenagers and adults. His interests include online marketing especially for the education, as well as testing innovative teaching methods.

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