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3 FLASHCARD GAMES you may not know

Although your students probably ask you to play the same favourite games every lesson, maybe it's worth trying something knew? Just once in a while, to let some fresh air in your classroom? I like using games that my pupils know as it saves time spent on explaining...

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Two-year-olds learn a language and grown-ups get frustrated.

All right, so our two-year-old attends a language course. We drive our child to classes regularly, we ask the teacher about progress, sometimes we are concerned with the slow rate of language acquisition and at times we even wonder if this actually makes any sense...

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You may dream of finding new and interesting flashcard games every week to make your students more and more motivated. But the truth is that once we introduce a REALLY good game, children will continously ask us to repeat it. So, why not? Below I'm presenting TOP 5...

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