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Edu Bears is a platform of innovative education solutions. Our flagship brand is Teddy Eddie, an ambitious method of teaching English to kids aged 2 to 7 tested by more than 20,000 students in over 250 language schools throughout Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Eddie’s older brother, our rising star Savvy Ed, is a method of teaching English to advanced but still young learners aged 7 to 10. Additional elements of our platform include the Parent Academy, offering lectures for parents who are committed to the development of their children’s language skills as well as a series of Synergy Garden conferences for teachers, methodology consultants and owners of our accredited centres, organised since 2016.

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Neurodidactics on a flying carpet

  The brain and a mischievous teddy bear   To begin with, let’s take a look at the most complex system in the universe: the human brain – a priceless treasure which has been given to every one of us by Mother Nature. Did you know that when you are awake your...

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