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Back in 2009, when three mums and methodology consultants: Diana Kubica, Magda Duchnik and Ola Komada started to write their first Teddy Eddie book, little did they expect that in a few years their project would give rise to a rapidly growing company: Edu Bears.

What is Edu Bears?

Edu Bears is a platform of innovative education solutions. Our flagship brand is Teddy Eddie, an ambitious method of teaching English to kids aged 2 to 7 tested by more than 20,000 students in over 250 language schools throughout Poland and Czech Republic

Eddie’s older brother, our rising star Savvy Ed, is a method of teaching English to advanced but still young learners aged 7 to 10.

Additional elements of our platform include the Parent Academy, offering lectures for parents who are committed to the development of their children’s language skills as well as a series of Synergy Garden conferences for teachers, methodology consultants and owners of our accredited centres, organised since 2016.

We always say that our methods are ambitious and original. Ambitious, because no other language courses for children expose young learners to such immensely rich language content or use such clever and subtle ways to cover an extreme variety of vocabulary, sentences and texts: our method for the youngest learners contains 2,000 words used in 100 texts of varying levels of difficulty. And what about older kids? The 3 levels of our Savvy Ed course not only cover, but go well beyond Cambridge English exams requirements: Young Learners (levels Starters, Movers and Flyers).

Original, because our text, illustrations and recordings are intended for kids but are by no means childish, infantile or boring. Quite the opposite! Tried and tested by their target audience (including the authors’ kids) from the very first stages of development, they underwent a rigorous review process. As a result, they always contain a twist or some unexpected element – because today’s kids are anything but boring or average. No other method incorporates rock songs, a flying carpet that makes it “easier” to speak English, or letters from around the world sent by the book’s main character to help improve learners’ intrinsic motivation: “I also want to travel the world and communicate in English!”

Edu Bears currently consists of a small but constantly growing team of creative and passionate people. With the combined enthusiasm of the method’s authors, our company’s employees, owners of accredited centres, teachers and parents of our students, we are able to provide children with the best language education – introducing them into the world of English which never is nor will be a “foreign” language to them. We do believe that in the 21st century this is a cause well worth fighting for. – join us!


We are delighted that apart from ourselves, the authors, and our customers, our methods are also appreciated by external experts! In 2014 the Teddy Eddie method was nominated for the international ELTons Award, given annually by the British Council to recognise the most innovative language courses worldwide. What is more, for several years now the Teddy Eddie method has been endorsed by our brand Ambassador Grzegorz Śpiewak, Ph.D., an undisputed authority in the field of teaching foreign languages.

For You

Since the beginning of our operation we have attached great importance to the quality of teaching, believing in the great potential of teachers, methodology consultants and school owners! This is why we offer comprehensive assistance in the form of thorough introductory training and content related support at each stage of cooperation. Together, we form a real “Bear Family”, inspiring and supporting each other. To make this possible, each spring we hold our annual Synergy Garden conference for teachers, methodology consultants and owners of our accredited centres.

The conference presents an opportunity not only to expand our specialist knowledge in the field of teaching and managing language courses for children, but also to exchange experiences – because we believe that the strength of our company lies in the synergy of ideas and energy of all members of our Bear Family. Attendance is not compulsory, as our motto is: “Inspire rather than enforce”, but as it turns out, almost everyone wants to be there! In 2017, the conference drew over 100 participants, even though the event is open for our partners only.

Since we started to develop our first method – Teddy Eddie – we have known the importance of effective parent communication in the form of ongoing support and education. In 2017, we managed to fulfill another dream of ours by launching the Parent Academy, which is a series of conferences intended for people who adopt a responsible approach to upbringing and language education of their children. As we wanted this event to be accessible for all parents throughout Poland, this year, apart from “live” sessions, which parents could attend, leaving their kids under the supervision of our experienced teachers, we also offered live streaming of each meeting as well as made each lecture available for free on our YouTube channel.

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