Our Methodology Consultants

Effective teaching promotes both student and teacher development. This is why, apart from teaching practice, we attach great importance to the professional development of our teachers. We believe that their potential can make a difference in terms of business growth, which is why we created a transparent career path.


Teddy Eddie Local Method Coordinator is a role intended for teachers who are highly competent in the Teddy Eddie method in their language schools. Local Method Coordinators introduce new teachers to the Teddy Eddie method, offering them training and support.


Teddy Eddie Lesson Supervisor – as a TELS you will join our team of Edu Bears methodology consultants, offering support to new teachers teaching their first classes using the Teddy Eddie method. TELS is a national-level role with an opportunity for extra income.


Teddy Eddie Teacher Trainer: as a TETT you will join our team of Edu Bears methodology consultants. You will conduct national-level training sessions and provide support to new teachers at over 150 Teddy Eddie Accredited Centres throughout Poland.


Savvy Ed Lesson Supervisor and Savvy Ed Teacher Trainer: as a SELS or SETT you will join our team of Edu Bears methodology consultants. You will conduct national-level training sessions and provide support to new teachers at over 50 Savvy Ed Accredited Centres throughout Poland.

Meet our Methodology Consultants

Ola Komada, Director of Methodology at Edu Bears – graduate of the University of Silesia, teacher and then Director of Methodology at CLAN, a network of language schools in Upper Silesia, each year she used to be in charge of several dozen teachers and several hundred customers.

Her passion for teaching preschool kids lies at the heart of the practical aspects of the Teddy Eddie method of teaching English to young learners, which was nominated for an ELTon Award in the category Innovation. She is Director of Methodology at Edu Bears, where she is responsible for the company’s sustainable and balanced growth.

For several years now she has been involved in a new project – the Savvy Ed method, which is a unique language course for advanced learners aged 7 to 10. She takes a very practical approach to teaching and sets high standards for both herself and her students. As a notoriously busy person, she opts for systemic teaching solutions, which help reduce class preparation time while ensuring really good outcomes. In her private life, she is the mum of Zuzia (10) and Emil (5) whose language progress she has been following with keen interest and fascination.

Diana Kubica, Director of Methodology at Edu Bears – Polish and English philologist. Owner of the CLAN CITY schools of English, a Cambridge English Exam Centre, as well as a Center for Research and Development in Language Education dedicated to the development of innovative programs and teaching methods.

Coauthor of the TEDDY EDDIE method nominated by the British Council for the international ELTon Award. Author of the ambitious Savvy Ed method for older children. Co-owner of the education company EduBears sp. z o.o.

With teaching methodology her area of expertise and passion, she is also committed to developing her business competence, which she finds essential. For her, the two most needed and most difficult aspects of her work are human resources management and implementation of systemic solutions.

In her private life, she is the mum of a teenager, whom she constantly uses as a test subject for her new teaching concepts. She loves sightseeing, books about Arabic countries and TV series. Her hobby is ballroom dancing.

Bogna Śmieja, Methodology Consultant at Edu Bears – she is responsible for training both Teddy Eddie teachers and future method trainers, including Lesson Supervisors.

Each year, she holds more than one hundred on-line lesson observations. She has been dedicated to teaching children for sixteen years. Her passion is methodology understood as a constant pursuit of excellence in teaching and an attempt to answer the questions: How can we teach more effectively? How do we have to improve for our students to benefit? How should we handle and manage groups? She is aware that inspiration may be found everywhere – in our own kids or students, in courses and training sessions or outside of the field of education.

Her search brought her to St. Catherine’s Montessori School in the USA, where she spent a year getting to know the Montessori method in practice, as well as involved a number of coursed such as Making the Most of a Coursebook (Pilgrims – Canterbury, UK) or Practical ICT Tools for Language Teaching (ETI, Malta).


Ewa Zawieracz-Karasińska, Teddy Eddie Lesson Supervisor – A graduate of the University College of Foreign Languages in Gliwice and the University College of Social Sciences in Czestochowa.
In her private life, she is the mum of two sons whom she has obviously introduced to Teddy Eddie’s world. She started her journey with the Teddy Eddie method in 2011 as a Local Method Coordinator with one of our Accredited Centres.
In the course of her professional career she has taught several dozen groups of all ages, including Teddy Eddie and Savvy Ed programs as well as junior and high school courses. In her work, she places great emphasis on classroom dynamics and building learners’ confidence in speaking English. She also works for Edu Bears as a Teddy Eddie Lesson Supervisor, training new Teddy Eddie Local Method Coordinators and holding on-line lesson observations. She tries to instill a love of the Teddy Eddie method in teachers and infect them with her enthusiastic approach to classes to make teaching even more effective.

Meet our team of TETT and TELS methodology consultants

Ewelina Dagiel-Surmańska, Teddy Eddie Teacher Trainer – Founder of the What’s up? language school, qualified musician and educator. In her private life she is the mum of three children: Weronika, Małgosia and Kuba.

She completed a graduate course in English Philology at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun as well as a postgraduate course in integrated early childhood education at the University of Warmia and Mazury. Her approach to education is greatly influenced by her musical background. As a graduate of the violin and viola program at the Elementary and Secondary State School of Music in Olsztyn she is highly sensitive to the melody of language.

In 2015 she completed a six-moth course in Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg’s “Nonviolent Communication” and since then she has been deeply committed to using this communication model in education processes, private life conflict resolution and strategy development.

She has introduced both Teddy Eddie and Savvy Ed to her school with great dedication and enthusiasm. In 2016 she opened the first autonomous Teddy Eddie training centre and joined our team of Lesson Supervisors, which means that she trains future Teddy Eddie teachers, holds on-line lesson observations and sessions at conferences organised by Edu Bears.


Sonja Górniak, Teddy Eddie Lesson Supervisor  – a graduate of Hispanic Philology at the University of Warsaw. She studied at the University of Cambridge, where she received her Certificate of Proficiency in English.

She started her teaching career when she was three, giving lectures to her toys in an imaginary classroom, and has been teaching real students for 17 years. For many years she specialised at in-company courses, but when, by a quirk of fate she started teaching children around six years ago, she became really passionate about working with young learners.

She has been working with Teddy Eddie for three years and with his older brother, Savvy Ed, since 2016.

She works as a teacher trainer at a language school and is a Teddy Eddie Lesson Supervisor. She takes great pleasure in watching her teachers develop their full potential and is committed to supporting and consolidating their strengths.

She is dedicated to ongoing training and development and will soon have completed a course in teaching materials development. A keen fan of modern teaching methods and trends (e-learning, online teaching, brain friendly teaching, TPR), she certainly does not underestimate traditional, well proven techniques and approaches. She attaches great value to quality and communication as well as the attainment of short and long term learning goals.


Magdalena Szuber,  Teddy Eddie Lesson Supervisor – Director of Methodology and owner of the iSpeak school of English, a Premium Teddy Eddie Partner. A graduate of the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities (psychology) as well as the University College of Languages and the University of Wroclaw (English philology), she has been dedicated to teaching for ten years now.

She sees teaching methodology as a combination of passion and practical, systemic solutions: How do we manage a group to ensure that all students are involved? How to maximise language production time? How to minimise the role of the teacher and develop learner autonomy in class? She draws inspiration from her young students, observing their interests, needs and abilities.

As a graduate of the PTI Talent Trainer Academy, she considers relationship building, along with promoting and developing student and teacher potential to be essential for education success.
For many years, she has been involved in induction, training and supporting teachers at her own school, providing them with classroom techniques and tools for student and parent communication.
She views her role as a Teddy Eddie Lesson Supervisor at Edu Bears as a source of joy and satisfaction and an opportunity to meet new people and share her experience.