What are the advantages of the Teddy Eddie method from the perspective of
language schools?

Owners of licensed Teddy Eddie centres tell us how the method works and what benefits it provides:


I came across the Teddy Eddie method partly by chance and partly by recommendation. When I first purchased the licence, I felt like I was buying the proverbial “pig in a poke”. Yet, Teddy Eddie turned out to be the right choice in every respect – from the point of view of the school, the teacher, the child and the parents. The program is perfected down to the smallest detail, which is why it is a pleasure to work with and effects are visible in no time. If we combine this with helpfulness and support on the part of the Authors, we get a comprehensive, end-to-end method of teaching English to children. Teddy Eddie has completely won our hearts and introduced new standards of teaching young learners at our school!
Katarzyna Kukla

Kraków, Centrum Edukacyjne Feniks

At our school, the name Teddy Eddie is associated with a serious English learning experience and lots of fun. We were proud to join the Teddy team. As a matter of fact, even though the course is a linguistic treasure addressed primarily to children, they are not the only beneficiaries. Parents, who are actively involved in their children’s education, also get the chance to learn the language. And finally – the teacher. Routine activities help organise and structure classes, while countless combinations of games and techniques make it easier for the teacher to inspire learners and navigate the course content. And all that with professional support provided by the Authors. Teddy Eddie is a language course developed by creative language teaching experts for each and every child.
Małgorzata Juskowiak

Kobylin, The Clock Tower - językowe centrum rozwoju i edukacji

I am highly satisfied with the Teddy Eddie program. For a long time, I had been watching schools offering licensed English for children, unable to choose one of 33 the leading courses in the market. Fortunately, I opted for Eddie. The program has exceeded my expectations and it has worked exceptionally well for me. Carefully designed, the course is well structured, rich in content, full of interesting ideas and activities which appeal to children. It equips teachers with a variety of tools to help them make classes really attractive to young learners and offers real support to schools entering the children’s language education market. Our young students look forward to their classes and make huge progress. Their parents are satisfied with the course, because they can see tangible results, and with deDOMO they are also actively involved in their education at home. But there is even more – professional method support provided by the Authors. We couldn’t have made a better choice. I strongly recommend the course and encourage everyone to join the Teddy Eddie Team.
Joanna Podgórska

Wyszków, The Lighthouse

The program meets all our expectations – it is up-to-date, offers comprehensive methodology support, but first of all it is based on an innovative approach to teaching mixed ability classes.
Jolanta Burghardt

Opole, Centrum Edukacyjne Master

As it offers a wealth of ideas for games, tasks, pair and group activities, teachers do not have to search for resources online. Personally, I love teaching classes with this method. I’m really happy to see children captivated by play or running out of the classroom all excited to tell their parents what mischief Eddie was up to in class.
Ewelina Dagiel-Surmańska

Olsztyn, What’s Up

I fell in love with this program at first sight. It combines real communication with play, which is what children expect. Before I had discovered the course, I was a bit skeptical about teaching preschoolers. The method also offers comprehensive support for teachers and the school itself. All that, plus market exclusivity.
Anna Szypura

Jarocin, Anglista

The Teddy Eddie method is perfect for children aged 2 to 7, because it uses attractive tools such as a soft teddy bear, whom children love and who encourages them to use English words in phrases and sentences. Bursting with humour, interesting songs and stories, the course is very popular in many districts of Warsaw where we hold classes. The number of students increases year by year, which proves that the method really appeals to children.
Camille Krawiecka

Warszawa, Point School

A wealth of resources for teachers and lots of fun for children! The program really stands out in terms of diversity and attractiveness of activities. Carefully designed from the point of view of methodology, it contains original and ambitious tasks which I have not seen in any other materials available on the market. In my opinion, one important aspect of the program is methodological support offered by the authors, which is rare in other franchises.
Magdalena Kowalczyk-Szuber

Trzebnica, iSpeak

What aspects of our Teddy Eddie method appeal to parents?

As a language school owner, you know perfectly well that parents’ feedback is the key to your success. Parents are your school’s best advertising media. This is what they have to say about us.

My child’s enthusiasm towards English classes; friendly and regular communication with the teacher; detailed reports concerning class content and child’s progress; teacher-parent cooperation.
Mum of Dominik, 4 years old

My daughter “picked up” English very fast, even though she was 2.5 years old when she started to attend classes. I think that she has learned a lot. She speaks Polish at home but she tends to add some English words, for example: “I’m wearing a pink blouse” or “Granddad is putting on his sock”. She really likes learning English and enjoys listening to the course recordings. I’m totally satisfied. Thank you!

Mum of Nicol, 3 years old

Klara really enjoys the course and actively participates in classes. I can see results at home. I don’t have to spend much time teaching her English at home – she learns new things easily.
Mum of Klara, 6 years old

Regular teacher-parent communication; great teacher-students rapport; highly appealing teaching methods; the fact that, contrary to our expectations, my son has actually “absorbed” quite a lot of material.
Mum of Mikołaj, 6 years old

The joy on the face of my child when we’re leaving for classes. Nice surprises on part of the child when she spontaneously uses a word she has remembered (for example, on meeting her aunt who was wearing black, she said: “You’re black!”).
Mum of Laura, 4 years old

Direct contact with the teacher; visible progress with English skills; the ability to participate in open classes for parents; my daughters’ interest in English lessons – they keep asking when the next class is.
Mum of Ola and Kinga, 6 years old

We look forward to working with language schools interested in our unique offering addressed to parents of children aged 2 to 7 or early elementary school children aged 7 to 10. Our methods are not only ambitious and original English courses for children but also valuable solutions for language school owners who would like to be able to compete with the best on their local market. Members of our Edu Bears family support and inspire each other. Each year, we meet to share experiences at a special conference, which is open only to our licensees. Do not hesitate to join us! Contact us!