What are the advantages of the Savvy Ed method from the perspective of language schools?

To understand how Savvy Ed works, it is best to listen to those who have already implemented the method in their schools. See just how helpful Savvy Ed is!

I’m amazed at the progress my learners have made in English speaking and
reading skills. I was proud as punch when they listened to the story
“The ticket” and as they heard the last words “it’s just a dream”, they breathed
a sigh of relief – they understood the text and got the joke. Children are
actively involved in the Savvy Ed course, they enjoy completing workbook
assignments, they like the coursebook and just love the systemic activities,
such as Silent Commands and Puzzles.

Sonja Górniak

teacher using the Savvy Ed method in class

Savvy Ed is an ambitious course suitable for children who have completed a good preschool program. At the same time, just like Teddy Eddie, it really appeals to children’s sense of humour. As a teacher, I received comprehensive method training and with carefully structured lesson plans I can rest assured that all key competencies will be practiced and acquired. For me, the most valuable aspects of this program include formative assessment, gamification and the SNOWBALL EFFECT. As a company owner, I’m looking for HIGH QUALITY solutions, and in terms of quality Savvy Ed meets the expectations of language school owners, teachers, learners and parents.

Ewelina Dagiel-Surmańska

teacher, methodology consultant, owner of What’s Up language school licensed to use the Savvy Ed method

What aspects of our Savvy Ed method appeal to parents?


As a language school owner, you know perfectly well that parents’ feedback is essential. They are your customers, and their satisfaction is the key to your success.

I definitely recommend the Savvy Ed program! The course is quite challenging, but with teacher commitment and support it is certainly within the reach of learners who need extra encouragement.[Symbol] I greatly appreciate the program’s reward system and the fact that children are treated as partners.


Mum of Filip, 8 years old

The level of the Savvy Ed program is tailored to the needs of this particular age group. My daughter really enjoys the course and likes the way classes are taught. Overall, my child is happy, which is why I would certainly recommend the Savvy Ed method!


Mum of Natalia, 8 years old

Although the course is quite demanding, kids do not realise how much they actually learn, as the language content is presented in a fun and student- friendly way. I certainly recommend the Savvy Ed method!


Mum of Julia, 8 years old

I am very satisfied with the Savvy Ed course in terms of the language level, the quality of materials and teaching methods used.

My son is really happy with the classes and enjoys his homework assignments. What he likes the most are funny stories such as “The Ticket”.

I definitely recommend the method to other parents!


Mum of Rafał, 8 years old

One important aspect of the Savvy Ed course is the teaching method which makes children look forward to their next class. Coursebooks are student- friendly, colourful and appealing. I can see my child’s progress in her English speaking and writing skills. She often uses words which she has learned in class and enjoys singing songs in English. Seeing how much my child has learned, I can fully recommend Savvy Ed to other parents.

Mum of Julia, 8 years old