One day it struck me. I realised that in no time my son, Aleks, would no longer be a preschooler and would stop learning English with the Teddy Eddie method. I was at a loss… Much to my dismay I discovered that as an owner of a network of language schools I could not find a coursebook intended for “advanced” 7 year old learners! It is no exaggeration to say that I actually panicked. I have an only child and my ambition was to provide him (and all children attending my school) with the best possible language education.

What was I supposed to do?!

As a mother (a teacher, a methodology consultant and a language school owner), I rolled up my sleeves and got to work on an English course for children who completed a strong preschooler program. A program for young “advanced” learners. This is how my method of teaching English to early elementary school learners, Savvy Ed, was born.

The method proved to be even more successful than I had initially hoped for. As it turns out, children can thrive on ambitious goals and demonstrate learning outcomes which simply cannot be compared to those achieved with a traditional coursebook. The program had been used and improved at my schools for a total of four years, with huge involvement of our methodology
consultants and Ola Komada, coauthor of the Teddy Eddie method.

Today, Savvy Ed teaches and inspires kids throughout Poland. I would like you to meet our Savvy Bear – my son benefited immensely even though he was my guinea pig :).

Yours sincerely, Diana Kubica, author of the method

Diana Kubica

She believes that only systemic solutions are effective and safe when managing language schools. She is the owner of the CLAN CITY English schools in Upper Silesia, Poland. She’s passionate about creating and organizing the reality around her. Diana is the author of a wide range of teaching materials and programs. She has extensive experience training teachers and methodology consultants. She is the proud mother of Aleks, a keen fan of American TV series, and an urban tourism lover. She lives in Zabrze.