You will find here a list of frequently asked questions about the Teddy Eddie Playground App.

If you can not find the answer for your question here, please contact us at

The PIN code does not work – “invalid data” message.

Please, make sure that the data you enter are valid for the current year: check the email address for spelling errors and keep in mind that the PIN code may contain both uppercase and lowercase letters. It is recommended to copy and paste your email address and PIN code.

Also, make sure that you have selected the right version of the app – the name of the correct level/app version (ABC, School, Standard, Play, Mini) has been provided in the email.

Access to the Playground is granted to Teddy Eddie students only for the duration of each school year, which means that access codes from the previous year cannot be used.

The PIN code does not work – “incorrect level” message.

This message indicates that an incorrect app version has been downloaded. The name of the appropriate app can be found in your invitation email:

  • School, ABC, Standard, with a colour code (Red, Blue, Yellow)
  • Play (green app),
  • Mini (orange app).
The Playground does not open in a browser (on a computer).

The Playground requires an active internet connection. Check your internet connection and signal strength.

If an error message is displayed instead of the regular Playground screen or if only some elements are visible, please reload the website (refresh cache). To do so, press the following two keys simultaneously:
– for Windows: ctrl + F5
– for Mac/Apple: command + R

If this does not work, please contact us at sending a screenshot/screen photo, if possible.

The Teddy Eddie Playground app has crashed.

The app may crash occasionally. If this happens, please close and restart the app (make sure it does not run in the background).

How to do this on iOS:

How to do this on Android: it depends on your device. On any device, open the recent apps menu (for most Android versions, this is done by clicking on the square function button at the bottom of the screen or with a swift swipe). Then scroll through the apps to find the Playground and “toss” it off the screen with a swift finger swipe to the left or to the right.
Another option is to go to Settings>Apps, find the Teddy Eddie Playground app and select the “Force quit” button.

Only one Unit is active or only a few games are playable.

This means that the user is logged off and uses the Playground in the guest mode.

To log in again with a valid access code, press the red button on the left hand side of the unit selection screen.

I do not have an access code/PIN code.

Please, contact the school where your child is signed up for a Teddy Eddie course – access should be granted within 3 weeks of the beginning of the course, provided that all the formalities have been completed (agreement, payments, etc.). The school grants access to the Playground app by entering your email address into the system, and sending you and invitation message.

However, if you still have no access to the app, please email us at including information about the school and the city where your child attends a Teddy Eddie course.

Lost PIN code/access code

No problem 🙂 You can contact us directly at, (make sure to provide your log-in email address) or you can request a new PIN code/access code at your child’s language school. The school’s contact details can be found in the agreement or at:

There is no sound on my iPhone.

Make sure that the sound is turned on by checking if the slider on the side of the device is unlocked (no orange line visible). Please make sure the sound icon (a bell) on the Control Center screen is active.

Please, follow Apple’s step-by-step instructions available on:

If your device is not muted (you have followed the step-by-step instructions linked above) and the problem persists, please contact us at Please, indicate if you are able to use apps/games other than the Playground with sound. Do you use the Playground as an app or via a browser?  Does the problem apply to the whole Playground or just to one specific game?

I have a question concerning the agreement/payments/schedule/cancelled classes, etc.

For any of the above, please contact the school where your child is signed up for a language course.
The school’s contact details can be found in the agreement or at:

As the licensor and app publisher, we are happy to help you with any technical issues concerning the app.