Who is Savvy Ed intended for?

Savvy Ed is intended for students who CONTINUE THEIR ENGLISH EDUCATION following a strong preschool program, such as Teddy Eddie. Savvy Ed is not a beginner course.

All children starting level 1 of the Savvy Ed program are carefully tested. We evaluate:


communication skills:

learners must be able to easily respond to questions and instructions given in English.

comprehension skills:

learners must be able to understand simple but natural English audio recordings, such as stories.


vocabulary range:

learners must know the majority of English words normally used by kids in everyday life (food, toys, clothes, school subjects, home items, etc.).


reading skills:

learners must have good reading skills in the mother tongue language; they must be able to read whole sentences or short texts fluently. They must also be able to read simple words and short sentences in English.

While allocating learners to groups, we not only evaluate their English competency or their ability to read in their native language but also attach great importance to age compatibility. The maximum age difference within one group is one year. We believe that only groups which are homogenous in terms of age and competency level can develop their full potential.

The last aspect taken into consideration in the learner allocation process is the outcome of a parent conversation. Parents should realise that they sign their child up for an ambitious course which requires a diligent and systematic approach to homework. Parents do not have to speak the foreign language themselves to be able to help their child, but they must be willing to offer organisational support, or, to put it simple – to make sure that their child is prepared for each class.