Teddy Eddie START

2 – 3 years

Children start to react to English commands and learn their first sentences, songs and stories in a foreign language.

  • for beginners only
  • age: 2- to 3-year-olds
  • lessons: 40 minutes once a week or 25 minutes twice a week
  • groups: up to 8 students

Education Pack:

  • Student’s Book
  • Parents’ Guide
  • access to the Playground App
  • Teddy Eddie case
  • stickers
  • certificate and end-of-the-year gift

Who is Teddy Eddie START course for?

We recommend our Teddy Eddie START course for parents planning their child’s language development, starting from the youngest age sector.
Teddy Eddie START is a very carefully planned English language course for 2-year-olds and 3-year-olds. Children not only learn their first words in a foreign language but they also start to love absorbing English. Our method is about immersion in a non-native language so that learning becomes natural for a child. What is more, lessons contain a lot of language games what makes children feel comfortable and amused while learning.


What can you expect from Teddy Eddie START?

Although playing English games with 2-years-old and 3-years-old may be a real challenge, our specially trained teachers can easily face it. Our course offers toddlers the very first opportunity of contact with English sentences: in songs, rhymes and stories. Learning English with Teddy Eddie for 2-year-old or 3-year-olds is an exciting adventure that starts early in child’s life and will pay off in the future.

Parent-child cooperation

Parents often ask if they have to work with their children at home. From our experience, we know that any parent’s interest in a child’s English language course has a positive impact on learning outcomes. However, when it comes to ‘working’ with a child at home, we should take into account the specific needs of children at this age. Children do not attend school yet, so we have a few years before a child learns what formal education and homework are.


English for 3-year-old at home is introduced mainly through fun, which we, as the creators of the method, have planned. That is why we have Parent’s Guide included in the Education Pack. Parent’s Guide is a book that will lead mom and dad through the child’s course, explain how to understand his/her first progress and how to boost it up. What is more, the Education Pack also consists of the player which enables children to listen to Teddy Eddie songs and access to the Playground App, where toddlers can find simple exercises. Making sure that your child uses there components regularly is the parent’s most important task.